Zach Biehl is a dancer, choreographer, and visual artist currently based in Dallas, Texas.
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Film shot in digitally as well as on 16mm; animation created utilizing Maya & Max 7.


Created in 2017. Shot, choreographed, danced, developed, edited and scored by Zach Biehl on Orwo N74 B&W 16mm film using a Bolex and a light table. Prints made my colorlab. Special thanks to Michael Morris, Giovanni Youssef, and the SMU Video Archive. No post processing used aside from digitization for scoring.


Shot, developed, and edited in 2017 on 16mm - degenerated bleach used for negative/positive fluctuations; no post processing/digital editing

Bust Series

Created in 2016; made possible by Cayla Simpson.


An animation playing on themes and feelings of an artistic moment of clarity.


An animation exploring the exchange and processing of auditory and visual information in informing the establishment of a line in dance.